Vu 3D HD Camera


Photography lovers, who were looking forward to a camera with 3D capabilities, here it is a good news. Vu Technologies has launched the 3D HD digital camera. The company has a rich product portfolio in the area of high-end luxury televisions and also display solutions. According to company professionals, 3D TVs has a very good market in today’s world and this Vu 3D digital camera will be an ideal product to use along with these 3D TVs. The company seems to be positioning this as an accessory for complimenting their 3D TV product line.

Vu 3D digital camera can be used as a handy cam and also as a still camera. You can capture still photographs and 3D HD movies in real time, making use of DLDS (dual lens-dual sensor) technology. This makes the new camera multi-purpose and quite unique out in the market. This facility is usually not available in conventional digital cameras.

This camera is out with integrated 3D display and you don’t need any special glasses for viewing 3D photographs and videos. You can shoot 3D movies and photos with high-resolution with 3D Auto. This 3D camera is out with 16-megapixel sensors too. All these specifications make it quite an ideal one for shooting 3D images and videos.

You have options to connect this HD camera to HD TV through HDMI cable. You can enjoy also live streaming in 3D and 2D of your favourite videos. Vu 3D digital camera features a SD card slot which is expandable up to 32GB. May be we need more memory space considering the fact that it is HD and 3D movies.

You can make your own real-life 3D content with this new Vu 3D camera. This camera product will be an ideal choice during family vacations and also parties. The light weight nature of this 3D handy cam makes it comfortable for long term usages and also beneficial at easy carry during travel occasions.

Without the need of any costly and bigger 3D camera setups, you can make a short film in 3D mode. There are options of easy switching between 3D and 2D modes which make it useful in capturing 1080p videos of full 2D and also 16 MP high resolution photos.

After reading through these features and 3D specs, if you think that the camera will be a premium one, you are mistaken and that is where Vu has really made this attractive. You can purchase this innovative product, Vu 3D digital camera at an astonishing price of Rs.19,900/-. This camera can be purchased at ease from any Vu stores across India. The camera is out in black colour.