BSF Seized A Stock Of Arms Including AK-47 Rifles At Indo-Pakistan Border


In a shocking development, the Border Security Force (BSF) seized a reserve of rifles and ammunition as part of a combing near a field along the Indo-Pakistan border.

The Border Security Force (BSF) found a bunch of arms in the Forexpur district. The seized arms include three AK-47 and M-16 rifles.

These arms were and ammunition was found in a bag on a field near the borderline. Along with the rifles, magazines of the rifles for the arms were also seized.

During the early hours of Saturday, the force which was carrying out a search operation has seized Six magazines of AK-47 and 91 rounds, four magazines of M-16 rifles and 57 rounds, two pistols with four magazines and 20 rounds

The arms and ammunition were seized days after the Border Security Force (BSF) has killed five burglars at Punjab near the Pakistan border who tried to enter Indian territory with arms.