US President Elections: Joe Biden Leading In Key States!


The entire world is eagerly waiting to know who will win the much-anticipated United States Presidential elections 2020. The vote counting is underway in the states which can be the gamechanger.

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden is just a few votes away from reaching the White House. Currently, Joe Biden has 264 electoral votes and the magical figure to win the polls is 270.

After Joe Biden won the crucial battleground states, now all the eyes are on the crucial states Georgia. The early reports even claimed that Joe Biden is closing in win Georgia too.

Joe Biden supporters are very confident of Democratic Party candidate winning the elections. They have floated the Covid-19 norms and called for celebrations for his win.

The main reason for Joe Biden supporters and political observers hoping Biden’s win in the elections is the party got majority votes in some of the states where the Republican party holds a stronghold.

One of the crucial states, Pennsylvania recorded more than 70 percent of mail-in ballots, which makes the vote-counting a lengthy process.