Sankranthi Films Needs An ‘Industry Peddha’

Five films including Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav, Naa Saami Ranga, Eagle and Hanu-Man are clashing at theatres on the Sankranthi 2024 eve. While they say that there are enough theatres and screens to accommodate all these movies, surely war is going on when it comes to the distribution, placement and clash dates of these projects. However, none is ready to step into the scenario and iron out the issues.

Previously whenever some big clash dates were announced by seasoned top producers, Industry Peddhalu like Dasari Narayana Rao used to interfere and sort out the release issues. That would give the right number of theatres to each film, and the buyers-distributors used to change the screen count after looking at the talk of the movies.

But now, with each distribution company backing some films, only those movies will get a good number of screens, perfect locations and the right release dates. Until some time ago, even Megastar Chiru used to interfere in some issues but after getting trolled for meeting AP CM YS Jagan regarding tickets issue, he has sidelined himself from playing the role of ‘Industry Peddha’.

With no ‘industry peddha’ personality taking things into hands, surely release clashes are slipping into chaos. Now that almost all the Sankranthi releases are locking horns and started teasers, trailers and songs with a release date, none would back out from the slot for sure. We have to see how this actually ends up.