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Unhurried Approach Prashanth Neel!

The unhurried approach adopted by KGF director Prashanth Neel regarding the promotions of his upcoming tentpole film, Salaar, starring Prabhas in the lead role, has baffled everyone including fans and trade circles. This is because, for a pan-India film, which is undoubtedly the most anticipated film of the year as the heady combination of Prabhas and Neel has the potential to wreak havoc on the box office, it is quite common to expect aggressive promotional strategies from the beginning.

But, Prashanth Neel and team tread a different path so far. Instead of generating buzz with noisy promotions, they have been preparing audiences with their unique approach. Firstly they unveiled a pulse-pounding teaser with Prabhas appearing in just a couple of frames. Though fans were a bit disappointed with the little screen presence of Prabhas, the teaser managed to create a lot of anticipation.

Many expected that Neel would pack the theatrical trailer with plenty of goosebump-inducing stuff. Surprisingly, the trailer is also not aimed solely to elevate the protagonist’s character. It is cut in a way to give a glimpse of the core emotion in the story. What is more surprising is that Prabhas made a late entry in the trailer. Hence, the trailer evoked a mixed response initially. But, the buzz on the film didn’t subside.

Now, the first single is also contrary to what is usually expected from big-ticket films. Neel chose to reveal a soul-stirring song ten days before the film’s release. There was a little buzz on the song because everyone was expecting an action-packed trailer that will set the tone for the openings. But, the song garnered a terrific response as it emerged as an instant chartbuster because of the emotionally charged lyrics and soulful rendition.

So, Neel’s gutsy strategy has worked big time till now because the hype surrounding Salaar didn’t wane even though Prabhas didn’t step out for promotions so far. The advance bookings in all territories are quite phenomenal and the film is set for an earth-shattering start at the box office.