Any ICS device can use Galaxy S3 firmware S Voice


The flagship phone of Samsung, Galaxy S3 that was launched recently has made a record. It has received about 9 million pre-orders within two weeks of its launch. One of the attractive features of the smartphone is the S Voice. It is a Siri like voice assistant that can understand basic commands and perform the task for you.

What is S Voice feature? What are its uses? Think of the Siri in iPhone 4S and you will get an idea about it. Its something very different as you can wake your phone by saying “Hi, buddy” or “Hi, Galaxy” or anything that you choose in S Voice.

But S Voice is no more an exclusive feature of Galaxy S3. The leaked code makes it common for all the ICS based devices. The initial firmware of the smartphone got leaked and the developers have managed to pull out the voice assistant APK from it.

It will function on any device running the Android ICS operating system. You can try it if you are using a custom ROM or an ICS device. Sources claim that the feature worked pretty well on HTC One X. Do not to change the default settings, when the initial set up is in progress. If you face a Network Error message, you need to tweak some of the settings. Download the APK from here. Start using it with the help of this link.

Do you own an ICS device? Will you try downloading the APK? Please drop your reply in the comments section below.