Sony confirms Android ICS update for Tablet P


Sony has finally made official announcement of ICS roll out for tablet P. Earlier Sony confirmed that their Tablet S and Tablet P will be getting ICS update by this April. But the update was made only available for tablet S in April. But now Sony came up again with an official announcement that Sony tablet P will also taste the Android ICS OS by this May last week. This is good news.

Sony tablet P is expected to get the same interesting features as with tablet S on OS update. Especially it will be out with ‘Small Apps’ that will let users run instances of a calculator, browser window, or a remote control on supported apps. This is basically a form of limited windowed multitasking. The new features would also include facility to launch camera from lock screen mode.

You can expect resizable widgets with this Android ICS update. Response to incoming calls can get much faster. There will be swiping options to dismiss tasks, notifications and also browser tabs. Text messaging will become more error free and efficiency with features like easy text input and spell check options.

Powerful voice input engine will be one of the key features with this ICS roll out for tablet P. It is expected that with this new OS upgrade, there will be more features designed to improve battery accessibility and network management. Communication and sharing will get easier with this new ICS update.

New features like Unified calendar and visual voicemail will be available in Sony tablet after this update. You can also enjoy rich and versatile camera capabilities with this Sony tablet. The gallery app will be redesigned with photo editor options as well. There will be ‘Live’ effects for transforming videos also. You can enjoy cloud connected experience as well as well as improved web browsing and email features.

Sony tablet P is already a popular tablet among Sony tablets. Its popularity is expected to get better with this ICS update. There are more features, enhancement in some of the existing pictures and better usability. Users can expect an improved user experience with their tablet after ICS update. The mode of update is yet not disclosed by the company officials. We can expect OTA as well as an option to download and update from the official site.