Apple wins patent for curved touch-screen design


apple-logoWASHINGTON: Apple has been reportedly granted patent for curved touchscreen designs for smartphones and other devices.

The patent, dubbed ‘curved touch sensor’ points to a technical process to achieve higher-quality curved displays as the current sensor displays are very thin and vulnerable to damages during fabrication process.

According to CNET, Apple’s patent describes placing a thin film over a flexible substrate while the substrate is flat and the new pattern is then joined by a flexible substrate, which is manipulated into a curved state after high level of heat is applied, without any defects.

The sensor display made, thus, would be thinner than the traditional flat-substrate design and offer a higher degree of sensitivity and although, fit mostly for a smartphone, Apple also plans to explore it for use in touchpads, mice, and other devices.

Samsung and LG have already manufactured phones with curved displays.