Get Twitter top stories to your inbox


Twitter, the micro-blogging site is starting a new service that functions like a newsletter for the Discover feature. An official blog post announcement states that you can discover the best of Twitter through a weekly digest that will be emailed to your inbox.

The email is a summary of the most important tweets and stories that are shared by those users you are connected to on Twitter. The email has a similar format like the Discover tab on the site. It shows you who has posted the story below the summary. Once you click on a headline, you will be redirected to the story. You can tweet your opinions right from email and also see related tweets from those you follow.

The email will have the most engaging tweets that are seen by the users you follow. You can read the engaging tweets, even if you are not following the one who posted it. You can also see who retweeted are favorited these tweets and reply, favorite, retweet or view the conversation, says Twitter.

All the users of Twitter will receive this service in the next few weeks. Once activated, the you will get an email from the micro-blogging service. The Notifications Settings on your Twitter page can be used to customize the settings of the weekly digest.

Reports claim that Twitter has made deals with a couple of companies to power the email digest service. What do you think about this new service? Will you read the email digest? Or will you simply Trash it? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.