Nokia 311 specifications


Nokia comes up with yet another smartphone Nokia 311 with good features. All detailed information regarding its specs is not available now. Nokia 311 is a touch phone which is expected to come at an economical price. It is expected to come with a large touch screen display but the exact size is not known as of now. This is a continuation of the Nokia 200 series phones announced last year.

Some features and Specifications of Nokia 311 phone are:


touchscreen 2 soft keys (Call + End / Power)

Expecting a bigger display size

Network – GSM
Nokia S40 Touch UI OS.

Three Homescreens


3.2 Megapixel Rear camera


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g enabled

3G connectivity

Nokia BL-4U (Li-Ion, 1110 mAh)

Charger: Nokia AC-11

Drop down status bar

Features memory card slot

Charging connector – 2mm + MicroUSB

Nokia 311 is powered by Nokia S40 Touch which assures a good user experience. This Nokia handset supports FM radio with RDS. They have options to play music and video files in multiple formats. There are facilities like inbuilt games and options to download games and play them.

This Nokia phone comes with 3G features and offer USB port options and Bluetooth connectivity which enhances the data transfer options. Longer battery life is also yet another important factor to be highlighted about this Nokia 3 G handset. This Nokia handset comes with a good external outfit as well.

The price of Nokia 311 is not fixed now. But there is news that this touch phone from Nokia will hit the market with a decent price. The exact release time of the phone is also not aware now. Nokia fans can get experience with this Nokia 311 handset soon.