Google official 7 inch Tablet


There was some rumour earlier at the start of this year itself regarding the launch of a new Google tablet. It was expected to hit the market by this May. But as the month of May passed, it still remained a rumour. But now with fresh reports coming in, Google will be shipping its new tablet by June. Google fans are hoping this news to be true this time.

No detailed information regarding the technical specs as well as features offered by this tablet is out. The only main feature revealed about this tablet is its 7-inch display. As per unconfirmed sources, this may be featuring an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and also Wi-Fi support. The latest hearsay is that the tablet won’t be featuring 3G connectivity.

Google is launching this tablet along with Asus. But Asus has not commented or confirmed on this news till now. Reports added that the shipment which was expected in May was delayed due to several reasons. Some even doubt that the delay was due to some improvements Google made in their earlier planned product and now they are expecting a full fledged product to hit the market in June. The initial shipment is expected to have about 600,000 units. But details on markets targeted for this first shipment is also not clear as of now.

According to some sources, price fixing issue may also be the reason for its delay. The news states that the product was planned to be priced at around Rs.15,000/-. Later they have reduced the fixed price down to Rs.8,000/-. If these details are true then it is really good news for those people who were looking for a low cost tablet with standard features coming from somebody like Google. We can always expect some standard specs with any product offered by Google as they don’t want to play with their brand image.

There is still some uncertainty about the launch of this Google tablet as the news is not yet officially confirmed. Whatever may be the case, this rumour has already generated some heat for the popular tablet giants like Samsung and Apple as they have also planned to launch their new tablets by the same time. If this news comes true, the 7 inch Google tablet will be a stiff competitor to these popular tablet makers for sure.