Nokia PureLamda, a WP 8.0 Apollo phone


A list of Windows Phone devices of Nokia that could come in future were found in the WP Bench app. This was done while benchmarking the Lumia 800 smartphone. A user ‘Stipan’ came across the names of the unreleased WP7 devices such as PureLamda, Alpha, Phi and PurePhi. These could be the codenames of the future Nokia handsets that are based on the Windows Phone OS.

Of the four names that were found, the PureLamda stands out. As per the app, it is powered by an OS version 8.0.9842 which is nothing but Windows Phone 8.0 Apollo. Similarly, the Transformer Prime also popped up some months back. So, we can expect PureLamda to be some future device of Nokia.

Even Alpha and Phi may also be new models that are based on the next version of the Windows Phone OS. Nokia is reported to launch a new series and these could belong to this series. The names PurePhi and PureLamda hint that they may be the new PureView technology based handsets. Nokia has already hinted that it will be launching WP7 phones with the PureView technology in future.

These phones that are listed in the bench app are not based on WP7. But, Nokia has not mentioned anything about WP8.0 based PureView phones. As of now, there are no details about Apollo OS but we can be sure that the handsets based on it are out. Nokia seems to be one among those to have the Apollo based handsets when it is announced by Microsoft.

The question among the consumers is whether the existing Windows Phone 7 devices will be upgradable to Apollo? What do you think? Please let us know through the comments section below.
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