Ken Xin Da M2 dual SIM phone@ Rs.1200


In today’s mobile phone market, specifications mean everything. But a Chinese handset maker named Ken Xin Da has introduced the most tiniest handset named M2 in the market. This is a bold attempt taken by the company. It has introduced a low end feature phone.

The M2 may not be a super slim phone but it is tinier than your wallet, tinier than your palm and definitely tinier than your present phone. It will surely impress consumers with its size.

Surprisingly, the handset sports some good features despite of its small footprint. M2 is a nano dual SIM phone and it has a directional keypad along with the call buttons and numpad. The handset has a company rated talktime of 240 minutes. It supports WAP 2.0, audio and video formats like MP3, AVI, MP4 and 3GP. The dual SIM dual standby option is impressive for the small form factor.

It looks like a very useful phone apart from its ultra portability and close to invisibility form factor. It is slightly bigger than an average sized cigarette lighter or AA battery. Despite of this size, it has a usable keypad. Surprisingly, the small phone has a VGA camera in it.

M2 has connectivity options like micro USB charger, micro SD card slot, 2.5 mm headphone jack and a super loud speaker. We have come to the most impressive part, its price in India and availability. The handset is available at some local mobile phone shops for a price of Rs 1,200. The package includes a charger, micro USB cord, headphones and above all a 2 GB memory card.

The market is currently being flooded with more dual SIM phones. The M2 is an attractive and small feature phone for such a low price tag. Will you prefer this phone for its ultra portability?