How to manage Google doc files with GDocsDrive?


GDocsDrive is a client tool that is designed for managing Google Docs account from the desktop of the user and it also helps in backing up the data in an easier manner. This tool helps in the integration of all functions of Google Docs such as sharing of the files as well as in files format conversions. The tool is very powerful and comes with user-friendly features also.

  •     GDocsDrive has capabilities such as the ability to modify files in Google Docs with that of the local applications
  •     It is also possible for the users to drag and drop any files or folders between the local computer and the online storage for Google
  •     With GDocsDrive, it is also possible for backing up as well as sharing the local files of the user directly
  •     Each and every part of the Google Docs will be available on the Windows Desktop of the user

Some of the advantages of GDocsDrive include

  •     You can make use of Microsoft tools itself for modifying the online documents
  •     The desktop operations are made convenient as well as comfortable
  •     Unlimited number of files can be uploaded with the help of the drag and drop operation
  •     Backup can be also done at affordable rates
  •     Data transmission will be done in a secure manner
  •     It is also possible for more than one file format conversions
  •     It is also considered to be one of the cheap and reliable storage from Google

OAuth 2.0 is also implemented as part of providing protection in a secure manner. It allows users to login by making use of their e-mail as well as password on the official page of the Google itself without leaking the data for a third party. All the Google Docs files will be stored in Google’s servers. GDocsDrive only transfer requests to the Google Docs and then also receives as well as display their responses.

Thus GDocsDrive comes with the following key features that are useful to the users.

  •     It helps in the easier conversion of files
  •     GDocsDrive is also compatible with all the file formats
  •     Web Access is also made easier by means of accessing files in any device by making use of a browser

This tool also allows the users to search data by file names as well as content by making use of Google’s powerful search engine

This is how GDocsDrive can be used for managing Google Docs files.