Guess howz the iPhone 5 look!


iPhone 5, the upcoming Apple phone is being rumored to be released in September. The official announcement is expected to be made in June around the WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference).

There have been many rumors about the device right from its display size to design. Based on all these speculations, Jon Fawcett, an artist has created some concept images of what he feels the new iPhone will look like.

Some reports claim that the next iPhone will be made of the LiquidMetal technology. The mix of different metals could made the phone more durable. It will be have mixed properties. It will be durable like aluminum and light like plastic. The phone will be thin and will weigh less.

Fawcett’s concept phone measures 4.14” x 2.25” in length and width. It is only 7mm thick. The smartphone has a 4 inch widescreen display with multitouch support. It has a 10 MP camera at the rear and a 5 MP camera at the front for video chatting. There are quad speakers on the handset.

Fawcett is not related to Apple in anyway and he does not know what the new version of the iPhone will look like. However, the pictures are very impressive and offer a glimpse of what we can expect later this year.

Coming to the specifications, the iPhone 5 is expected to have updated ones like a faster processor and NFC support. How does the concept Apple phone look like? Do you think the phone will look like this? What aspects of the design do you like? Please do share your thoughts with us through the comments section below.