software update for LG Spectrum Mobile


LG has announced software updates for its mid end model, LG Spectrum. There was a small update of 10 MB in January which dealt with the Netflix playback issue. But this new update is a 127 MB update which is comparatively a larger one. This update has nothing to do with the Android ICS. But this update is going to be very interesting as it will bring up a lot of improvements and fixes with the handset. This update can be downloaded over WiFi.

The improvements brought out in the device side with this new update include the following.

  •     Password enhancements
  •     Application launch settings
  •     Multiple calendar view
  •     Calendar reminders
  •     Optimum online accounts
  •     Pinch zoom with camera

EAS password will undergo a new security policy thus demanding a minimum 8 digit password. When the device is undergoing scanning over WiFi networks, the Application launch will not be closed. Multiple calendar view is made easy with improved outline feature. Notifications will now be synced with Calendar reminders with more accuracy. There are options to select zoon level in camera preview mode with pinch zoom.

The improvements brought out over web browsing and Email with this new update includes the following.

  •     Sync and connect email settings
  •     Immediate browser launch
  •     Select search engine option
  •     Google search made default

Sync and connect email settings are updated making the maximum count to 500 without any change to server settings. Browser will be immediately launched upon selection. Better user experience is assured by making Google search a default option.

The improvements brought out over Applications and Widgets with this new update includes the following.

  •     Google mobile service upgraded
  •     Visual voice mail updated
  •     NFL v4.0
  •     Amazon Kindle (v3.2.3.3)
  •     Verizon Video (v6.1.34)
  •     My Verizon (v10.0.7)
  •     V CAST Apps (v3.03.41)
  •     SmartShare (R2.0)

Other enhancements include Google Play (v3.3.12), Gmail (v2.3.5.2), and Talk2 (v1.3) etc. Better user experience is assured when syncing mail by updating Visual voice mail connection.

LG Spectrum users were anticipating an ICS update. Though we need to wait for that, users will be quite happy with this major software update as it certainly will improve user experience and fixes many bugs. Lots of applications have been upgraded and users can definitely expect a much improved experience using them on LG Spectrum. Of course, all this with no revision of price, it is an icing on the cake. As of now there is no intimation on any price change for LG Spectrum model.