Spice Android 4.0 ICS phones


Spice Mobile is in plans to launch phones powered by the Android 4.0 ICS operating system. The specifications and the price in India of these phones are not known. As per the source, Spice will release around five phones most of them being powered by Android 4.0 ICS OS.

If Spice launches them in this month, then Spice Mobile will be the first Indian brand to launch the Android ICS phones in the country. There are many cheap tablets that are based on Andriod ICS operating system like the Micromax Funbook but when it comes to smartphones, there are only a couple of them.

Brands like Sony and HTC have launched Android ICS based smartphones in India and others like Samsung Galaxy Note and the Sony Ericsson Xperia series are expected to get the operating system update later this year. Spice is the pioneer in many aspects when it comes to the India market. It is the first brand to launch dual SIM Android phones, 3G Android smartphones and more.

As of now, the most expensive mobile from Spice is the Mi 410 that is available for a price in India of Rs 14,000. Going by this track, the Spice Mobile is expected to release these phones in the budget range. Android 4.0 requires a processor with 1 GHz speed. So these new phones are likely to have processors of at least 1 GHz speed.

Unfortunately, the Indian brands were not able to launch what they have promised in many cases. Let is have are fingers crossed for Spice. Hopefully, Spice should release these Android 4.0 ICS powered smartphones soon.