Microsoft recreates its first website from 1994


MicrosoftNew Delhi: This was Microsoft’s first web page. It’s been 20 years since Microsoft created its first web page 20 years ago. In 1994, among the reasons Microsoft started a website was to put its growing Knowledge Base online. Mark Ingalls, the first administrator of, says: In 1994, using the slow dial-up connections of the era, the first home page would have taken awhile to load. “For most folks at home in that day and age, you would have been able to count to three or five before that picture showed up on your screen,” Ingalls says. There were only a few thousand websites then – compared to nearly 1 billion now – and Microsoft was among them. In the 20 years since it has been on the Web, has remained in the top 10 most-visited websites worldwide. was also one of the first corporate sites in the world to be built using modern, “responsive” design, meaning its design adapts to and renders appropriately for any device. SRC:IBN