Next iPhone Release: Apple reportedly eyeing summer launch for next-generation device


next-iPhoneReady for the next iPhone? You may not have to wait much longer.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple will start production on the next-generation iPhone in the second quarter of this year. The article indicates that the tech giant is eyeing a “possible summer launch” for the popular smartphone. This is in line with previous rumors.

The phone will, per WSJ, be “similar in size and shape” to the iPhone 5. Presumably, the device is more likely to be an incremental iPhone 5S update rather than a radical redesign.

The report does not detail potential new features, but previous rumors have suggested that the new device might contain a “finger-print sensor system.”

In addition to this update, WSJ claims that Apple is working on a cheaper model that would be released later in 2013. The company is reportedly testing “different color shells” for the more affordable device.

Just how seriously should we take this report? The Verge’s take: “The Wall Street Journal is generally a highly reliable source of Apple news, making this latest report about as credible as rumors come.”

For admirers of Steve Jobs’ magic touch, there appears to be good news. San Francisco’s District Attorney George Gascón, in an interview with The San Francisco Examiner, revealed from his conversations with the company that development of the next two generations of iPhones “preceded Tim Cook.”

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