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A Sleepless Night: No Change In Energy Levels!

TDP boss N. Chandrababu Naidu spent more than a day without taking rest for at least one minute. Since being released from the Rajamahendravaram Central Jail on Tuesday, he had been on toes. Upon his release, the party cadre arranged for a rally from Rajamahendravaram to Vijayawada, which took more than 14 hours.

Though the distance between the two cities is just 200 km, the huge crowd of people who gathered on the roads and even slept on the roads, waiting to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader and pay their respect to him.

With such huge support from the public, party sympathisers and cadre, Naidu had to be alert throughout the rally. Soon as he reached his house in Vijayawada, several farmers and women from neighbouring villages welcomed him amidst drum beats and celebrations.

His wife N. Bhuvaneswari gave him ‘harati’ and he was received by some senior party leaders who came to console him. He spoke to each and every leader and even his kin who reached his house. When they enquired him about his health, he reportedly told them that he was okay and that he needed to get some tests done for which he was going to Hyderabad.

Later, some priests did some puja and then he had his breakfast. Even after the rituals, he spoke to some of his kin, who came to Vijayawada from Hyderabad.

Then he spoke to the doctors from AIG on phone and also to some advocates in Delhi about the various petitions filed in different courts. After this, he had his lunch and then he had more guests at his house who came from distant places.

Around 3 pm, he reached the Gannavaram airport along with his family members to fly to Hyderabad in a special flight.

Interestingly, Naidu also spent some time with his grandson Devansh in his residence. He played with Devansh, enquired him about his studies and books. Naidu’s relatives were happy to witness the grandfather-grandson bonding.

Despite slight health issues, Naidu did not feel exhausted even after multiple hours of exertion. This reflects his will power and commitment to the public and his party.