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Congress To TRS To BJP To Congress!

With elections round the corner in Telangana, many prominent politicians are resorting to party-hopping among major political parties. The latest one to join the bandwagon is former MP and BJP manifesto committee chairman, Vivek Venkat Swamy, who joined the Congress party the other day in the presence of Revanth Reddy and Rahul Gandhi. This move came at a time when he was expected to be nominated by the BJP for Chennur assembly in the upcoming elections.

While speculations are rife that Vivek got a bumper offer in the form of an MP ticket from the Congress high command for the next parliamentary elections, there have been numerous trolls on his frequent ‘hop-skip-jump’ tactics. Vivek, who was in Congress during the Telangana statehood movement, later joined the BRS party and then rejoined the Congress again. Later, he won as MP from Pedapalli constituency from BJP.

Netizens are trolling Vivek for jumping parties several times before polls. Trolls are having a field day because he has a track record of changing different parties in anticipation of tickets for himself and his family members. His son Vamshi would be contesting from the Chennur assembly ticket in these elections. His brother G. Vinod already got a ticket from Bellampally’s seat.

Numerous trolls stating that ‘V6’ Vivek jumped parties six times in his career have been making rounds since yesterday on social media platforms. This is because Vivek has been with all three leading parties of Telangana till now. Political experts believe that Vivek is more concerned with his personal gains and hence shifts loyalties quite often when he feels there would be an advantage to change the party.