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యాపిల్ మరో బడ్జెట్ ఫోన్: ఈసారి ఐఫోన్ 12 మినీ కూడా?

2020లో యాపిల్ కొత్త ఐఫోన్లను రూపొందించడంలో బిజీగా ఉంది. అయితే ఈసారి ఐఫోన్ 12 మినీ కూడా కొత్తగా లాంచ్ కానుందని సమాచారం. ఐప్యాడ్ మినీ, మ్యాక్ మినీల తరహాలో ఈ ఐఫోన్ 12లో కూడా మినీ వెర్షన్ రానుంది. ఇప్పటివరకు ...

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Apple Launches New Products At Time Flies Event

Tech giant Apple, in its ‘Time Flies’ event, has made some big announcements that it launched new products Watch SE, Watch Series 6, iPad Air, 8th generation iPad, and a ...

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Tech Giant Apple Inc Creates A History

Tech giant Apple Inc has created a history by emerging as the only company in the United States with a market value of $ 2 trillion. A couple of years ...

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Apple, IBM to develop Apps for iPhones, iPads

Tech giants Apple and IBM on July 16 announced their partnership for creating business apps and cloud services, among others, for iPhones and iPads. The agreement will also allow the ...

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Apple, Google settle smartphone patent litigation

Apple Inc and Google Inc`s Motorola Mobility unit have agreed to settle all patent litigation between them over smartphones, ending one of the highest-profile lawsuits in technology. In a joint ...

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