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American Women’s Cricket Team Has All Indian Players!

It is quite common in cricket for a team to have players born in other countries. England cricket Kevin Pietersen was born in South Africa. New Zealand-born Ben Stokes is representing the England cricket team. Sikandar Raza, who was born in Pakistan is playing for Zimbabwe. This is quite common in cricket.

One or two cricketers, sometimes three cricketers born in one nation play for other countries. But a national cricket team has all the players from the immigrant community. Interestingly, all the players have their roots in India. This happened with America National Women’s Cricket Team.

It is known that the Indian community has a good representation in America. After the Chinese, the Indian community is the second largest community that lives in America. Indians love cricket and the places where they live are seeing a rise in the Cricket culture. The American Men’s cricket team also has a good number of Indian-origin payers.

Now it’s the turn of the women’s team. What’s interesting is that the men’s team has players born in other countries like Pakistan, West Indies, and others. But the women’s team has all the players who have their roots in India. 11 members of the cricket team which played against New Guinea have their roots in India.

Usually, Base Ball and Basket Ball get good importance in America and cricket doesn’t get much importance. The trend is changing now. The men’s team came very close to getting a spot in the T20 World Cup tournament. Players of Indian origin are getting a spot in the national team.

Looking at the cricket team of America, there are a majority of teenage players. Sindhu Sri Harsha who hails from Karnataka is the team skipper. Disha Dhingra, Snigdha Paul, Ritu Singh, and Suhani Rajeev Thadani are 16 years old.

Anika Kolan, Isani Vaghela, and Lisa Ramjit are below 20 years. The cricket team also has Telugu-origin players. Bhumika Bhadriraju and Sai Tanmayi Eyyunni are Telugu players. Sai Tanmayi Eyyunni is just 15 years. However, the American team lost the match as the players managed to score just 76 runs.

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