Pawan Kalyan wasted time and money?


pawan-kalyan-jana-senaHyderabad: Pawan Kalyan’s political entry might have excited his fans, but the ones who have been spending their precious time and money on him are left in doldrums. Director Sampath Nandi has stuck with Pawan to make a movie for two years. After Racha, Sampath didn’t take up any projects and landed in Pawan’s camp.

Sampath’s film is yet to start rolling and no one knows when this movie will hit the floors. Producer Sarath Marar has been spending lot of money on script sessions and other pre production expenditure all along. He won’t get back his investment until Pawan starts working. Recently he was also given the responsibility to co produce Oh My God remake.

These projects will only move forward when Pawan Kalyan makes time in between his political plans. He won’t be available until May end for sure. Will he get back to work from June? That is a million dollar question because no one can guess Pawan’s role in politics after the elections. Poor souls will have to wait until Power Star realizes that he is wasting somebody’s time and money.