RGV Releases Second Trailer Of His ‘Coronavirus’ Film


Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has recently announced that his ‘Coronavirus’ film will hit the theatres on December 11. He said that ‘Coronavirus’ will be the first film to release on the big screens post lockdown.

The sensational director on Wednesday released the second trailer of the film. The trailer shows how a happy family gets into depression and fear in a short time when a family member shows symptoms of Coronavirus during the pandemic lockdown. The film highlights how the fear of the virus clutches a family and turns everything terrible in a quick suite.

RGV already said the film showcases the horrors which are inside everyone including political leaders and bureaucrats who know only as much as people which is just nothing.

Bankrolled by the ‘Rangeela’ maker and directed by Agasthya Manju, the film has V Malharbhatt Joshi cinematography and DSR’s music.