How to save battery of Android ICS phones?


If you are an Android fan, you know that most of the android smartphones nowadays arrives with pre-installed applications such as Office Suite as well as Google Talk. Since these are system applications, it is not possible for anyone to uninstall them. But yes, you can do so if you have rooted your android smartphone.

But now with the latest version of ICS released, it is very well possible to disable the stock apps and that too quite easily from the device settings. No need to uninstall them!! Just disable them and enable them back when needed by just changing the settings.

Why do we need to disable the stock apps?

There can be a wide number of reasons for why we need to disable stock apps. For users who makes use of default apps such as Go Contacts as well as Go SMS and even SMS Manager, they really does not require the stock apps to simply run on the background which might result in battery draining as well as the device performing slower than before. Even multiple sign-in problems can also be an issue for disabling the stock apps in android device.

How to disable stock apps in ICS

For disabling the stock apps in android ICS;

  •     You will have to first click open the android device settings
  •     Then you will have to navigate towards the Applications section also known as Apps section
  •     Inside the Apps section, you will have to tap the ‘All’ button that is represented on the right hand corner
  •     If you are making use of android device with a smaller screen display and resolution, they will have to swipe the screen from right towards left for seeing the option denoted as ‘All’
  •     Now you will have to choose the app that you wish to disable
  •     Then tap it to open the details page of the app
  •     On the details page, you will see two options denoted as ‘Force Stop’ as well as ‘Disable’
  •     You will have to go ahead and click on the ‘Disable’ option
  •     Now you will be prompted with a message asking you to confirm the disabling since the related apps might misbehave for making the changes
  •     For confirming, click on the OK button

Now the stock apps are no longer functional and will be hidden in the app drawer of the application launcher. You can go back and reverse this process when you need these applications to get activated again. Click Enable to get them activated again.

This is how users can disable stock apps in android Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS is definitely giving android users more options.