Microsoft Plans Windows 9 Release for April 2015


Windows-9-Release-for-AprilMicrosoft is reportedly preparing to launch Windows 9 on April 2015.

In December, the software giant announced its “Threshold” wave of updates including its plan to launch Windows 9 in the second quarter of 2015.

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s “Threshold” wave of Windows updates aims to bring all of its software platforms closer together, while Windows 9 operating system’s branding and vision will be used to divert criticisms away from the Windows 8 OS.

Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated in his last shareholder letter in December, “Microsoft will enable these types of high-value activities with a family of devices – from both Microsoft and our partners – as well as with our services.”

At the company’s Build 2014 developer conference in April, the company is set to introduce Windows 9 and talk about some of the operating system’s planned changes to cause excitement with the company’s future plans.

The upcoming OS will be built based on three major milestone development points. Microsoft is already working on the final planning stages and work is expected to commence soon. However, it is not clear which parts will be launched to the public during the whole process, though there have been reports that the “Metro 2.0” inside the upcoming OS will include a major focus on enhancing some of Microsoft’s new applications.

Additionally, Microsoft is also planning to remove its Windows 8-style applications and let them work in a separate window on the usual desktop.

Nonetheless, exact changes included in the proposed OS were not clear.

For Microsoft to accomplish something with its vision of a hybrid tablet and desktop operating system, they surely need to come up with something interesting. If the company’s lucky to pull this thing off successfully, that may place Windows 8 to a lower position.

While the company is working on an update for Windows 8.1 to address current issues, Windows 9 is also preparing for a major release.