Sony to make displays for Apple iPhone 5


As per the new reports, Apple has started manufacturing the iPhone 5 handsets. Previously, it was reported that the Japan Display Inc, Sharp Corp and Korea’s LG Display will be making the 4 inch display for the upcoming Apple smartphone. The recent report states that Sony has replaced Sharp.

Sharp is believed to have some issues with the in-cell touch panels. This has made Sony join with LG and Toshiba to manufacture the displays. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in late September or early October. The recent reports about Sony indicate that the production of the in-cell touch panels will fit this timeframe.

LG is claimed to have increased the yield rate by 70 to 80% and Toshiba will reach the mass production state soon. Surprisingly, Samsung is missing from the picture. Sony is not new to this field as it is reported to have shipped over 50,000 in-cell touch panels to HTC in 2011.

The display size of the iPhone 5 is not known but, it is unofficially confirmed to be 3.99 inches. Apple is claimed to test two versions of the smartphone. Both these versions sport a 4 inch display. The units undergoing testing are reported to have a small dock connector and a home button.

Earlier, we reported that the iPhone 5 might be slimmer than the iPhone 4S that was launched in October 2011. The in-cell technology that merges the touch panel and the LCD panel. This technology helps in shaving off the thickness of the upcoming Apple phone.
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