Yahoo to buy Tumblr for a billion dollars


London: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has revealed that the search engine is in talks to acquire Tumblr for a billion dollars, and enter the premier league of social media.Mayer said she is in talks with Tumblr’s David Karp about the deal that would potentially add 15 billion page views a month to Mayer’s hoard and restore Yahoo’s popularity. CNN reports, the biggest problem of Yahoo is having advertisers.

To lure cool companies tops the priority list for Mayer. Tumblr on the other hand has been able to do well with marketers and investors. The decision about selling the company to Yahoo will make it the biggest purchase since last year when Facebook purchased Instagram for 715 million dollars.

The reports added that Tumblr is growing with an impressive rate by overtaking web audience through its mobile audience by providing ads on mobile, offering sharable memes like White Men wearing Google Glass that even White House is forced to join it.