8 Plants that Naturally Repel Mosquitoes


There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a cookout or a bonfire and having to swat constantly at your arms and legs. Mosquitoes are a nuisance, a nuisance that leaves behind a red itchy welt or potentially even a serious illness.

Nip the mosquito problem in the bud and use nature to repel them. Here are 8 Plants that naturally plant mosquitoes.

1. Citronella Grass

Citronella Grass

Citronella is a perennial grass that emits a strong aroma. The strong aroma masks other scents, and keeps mosquitoes from being attracted to it.

2. LavenderLavender

Lavender is a beautiful plant enjoyed by most humans, but hated by mosquitoes. Lavender oil can also be diluted and applied to the skin as a repellent.

3. MarigoldsMarigolds

Marigolds give off a highly distinctive smell that is very offensive to mosquitoes and most gardeners.

4. CatnipCatnip

Catnip is proven to be ten times more effective than DEET.

5. Lemon BalmLemon Balm

Also known as horsemint, repels mosquitoes by giving off strong incense-like odor, much like citronella.

6. BasilBasil

Basil is one of the few herbs that can give off scent without having to be crushed. For a natural repellent take some of the leaves and rub them on your skin.

7. WormwoodWormwood

A very strong but natural way to get rid of mosquitoes. Crush up the leaves and distribute them around your home or yard.

8. Tea TreeTea Tree

The oil of a Tea Tree plant is too strong for any insects to get near. It is toxic so be sure not to swallow!

Source> organichealth