Coconut water: More health benefits than you know


Coconut-water100% sterile, 94% water, low in calories, zero cholesterol; rich in B vitamins, amino acids, cytokinins and minerals like potassium, magnesium and manganese and potassium. Yes, we are talking about the humble coconut water. Read on to know its various health benefits.

1. Drink it for your heart’s sake

Coconut water could be a remedy for more than just your thirst. According to a study, drinking coconut water may lower the rate of heart attacks. High amount of potassium in coconut water has been found to significantly reduce hypertension by increasing water excretion from the body, claims another study. (Read: Take the natural route to heart health – home remedies that work!)

2. Reduce risk of kidney stones

Reduce the risk of kidney stones by regular consumption of coconut water. It contains potassium and magnesium and is an effective diuretic. And if you already have stones in your kidney, it can help eliminate them by expediting the flow of urine.

3. Remedy for diarrhoea

Had a bout of diarrhoea? Just replenish your body with coconut water to replace not only the fluid that you’ve lost but also the electrolytes and minerals. It will help flush out the toxins faster too. Coconut water is naturally isotonic. It has electrolyte levels similar to those found in our body. Since the water in an undamaged coconut is naturally sterile, it has also been used as a short-term alternative to an intravenous drip!

4. Hydrate on a hot day!

The scorching sun during summer dehydrates the body easily due to excess sweat and perspiration. Want a soothing food to comfort you in the heat? Nothing better than coconut water – one of the most refreshing drinks because it contains less carbohydrate and sugar content and abundant electrolytes. Either have it as it is or mix it with lime juice for a healthy and refreshing drink. (Read: Tricks to stay hydrated during summers)

5. Refuel during and after exercise

Staying hydrated is very important during exercise and work-outs. Coconut water can be a natural sport drink – with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners! It helps refuel and rehydrate post-exercise dehydration. It’s low in calories, high in potassium and can help replace lost fluids.

6. Rejuvenate your skin

Want to put back life into that dull skin? Fresh coconut water makes the skin soft and brings a glow to it. Using it twice in a day on hands and face can prove beneficial. The cytokinins present in coconut water can have anti-aging effects too!

7. Relieve usual pregnancy-related problems

Coconut water is naturally sterile. Hence it is considered to be safe during pregnancy. It is generally recommended for pregnant women as a natural remedy to help ease constipation, acidity and heart burn.

8. Carry a knocked-out tooth

Coconut water is biologically pure and sterile. If you cannot place a knocked out tooth back into the socket or store it in the cheek, coconut water may be used as a storage solution for the tooth until you can see a dentist!