Electrical condom that increases sensations felt during $ex


couple-on-bedNew York: Not happy at wearing those pleasure killer condoms? No worries. Here comes a 21st century electrical condom that would enhance the experience like never before!

Two researchers from Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program have invented a device that sends short electric impulses along the underside of the condom.

“This increases the sensations felt during sex and opens up the technology to be used with other wearable devices and sensors,” explained PhD students Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Atlanta-based Georgia Institute of Technology.

Called Electric Eel, the digital prototype was made using a soft ‘stimulating sleeve’ fitted with conductive arrays of electrodes.

The device is powered by a programmable Lilypad microcontroller, which can send electrical impulses to small electrodes lining the inside of the sleeve.

“This type of device could be hooked up to numerous controllers, directed in person or using existing Internet software,” said the designers.

In terms of safety, the amount of electricity applied is very small.