Are you ready for 21st century condoms?


21st-century-condomsSoon, get the thinnest and strongest condom ever made to ramp up your sex life.

Made from combining graphene – often termed as ‘miracle material’ – with latex, these ultra-thin condoms would not only enhance sensation during sex but also encourage more condom use, feel researchers at University of Manchester, England.

Graphene is a form of carbon that can be the strongest ever measured and a replacement for silicone that allows the condom to endure intense motion without tearing up.

A condom that emphasises “enhanced pleasure” could be effective to address youth who generally shy away from condoms for more pleasure, added the researchers.

The researchers are also looking into the attitudes of older adults towards condom use as they too remain sexually active, said the study originally published in the journal The Conversation.

Several social and psychological factors influence how much we use condoms – such as loss of pleasure, the smell from latex and arguments that they cause some men lose erection.

In this case, emphasising pleasure could be a new narrative that encourages youth to weigh up the pros and cons a bit differently.

“While scientific advances in sexual health such as graphene condoms could be very important, getting people to wear them in the first place requires a deeper understanding of the social and cultural forces at work,” stressed the study.