What Indian women want in their men


indian-coupleIndian women scouting for a prospective spouse want them to be able to help around in cooking and other household chores.

An Indian matrimonial website conducted an online survey with 5,700 respondents to understand ‘what Indian women want’ from men they would like to marry.

Of the respondents, 39.5% said they secretly expect their men to know how to cook, and 51.2% of them wish the men would help them with household chores.

Around 9.3% of the surveyed nubile women revealed they would like their partner to be okay with the wife being “financially independent”.

Asked what they would expect from men when they meet for the first time, 55.6% rated “being chivalrous” as very important, while for 19.3% of the women, those men are impressive who are “okay if the woman wants to pay the bill”.

“The result indicates that the modern woman wishes to be recognised for being the strong personality she is. She takes her independence and her choices very seriously,” said Gourav Rakshit, chief operating officer of the matrimonial website.

Women were also clear about what puts them off when they meet someone for the first time. As many as 46.7% said, “To be rude with people from lower working class” is a big no, followed by 39.2% who felt that the man “should not be busy on his phone during a conversation”.

The top “must haves” in a relationship, according to 48.2% of the respondents, is “a person who treats me with respect” and for 40.5% of them, it is “one who values my job and takes it seriously.”