Alliance with BJP – Not Even A Single Vote: Chandrababu


VIJAYAWADA: AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu didn’t hesitate to say TDP received no benefit from forming alliance with BJP in 2014.

During the Teleconference with Ministers and Officials, CM recalled TDP emerged victorious in the local body polls held before 2014 Elections without alliance with BJP. ‘No difference in TDP’s vote share before and after alliance with the Saffron Party. We formed alliance only in the best interest of the state. Agreed to Special Package when Centre promised all the benefits of Special Status will be extended through it. Centre didn’t fulfill the promise to sanction funds through EAP. Utilization Certificates has been given to Centre every time they asked for them. Instead of hand-holding AP, BJP has been launching counter attack,’ he complained.

Chandrababu Naidu enquired with Party Leaders about the response from people after TDP Ministers resignations. They informed 98 percent of the people in the state are happy with the decision taken by TDP to come out of Modi Cabinet. Party Leaders expressed the view that resignations of the two Union Ministers has worked in favour of TDP.