Don’t Slip Tongue Like Rajnikanth And Pawan


When you’re in the world of cinema, seriously you have to watch out every word you utter very carefully. Otherwise, years later those words might come back and haunt you. That’s what happening with Superstar Rajni and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan now.

During the promotions of Gabbar Singh movie, while anchor Suma interviewed Pawan Kalyan, the star hero made fun of being on Twitter. He stated that he never understood the use of staying on twitter other than tweeting things like ‘I had finished breakfast’ ‘I’m sleeping’ like that. And then we have Rajnikanth saying that he doesn’t about social media sites and he will always get connected with fans with direct meetings rather these social sites.

Cut to 2018, Pawan Kalyan is able to reveal his opinion on various things to people and media only through Twitter. More than his direct speeches, his tweets are getting popular. At the same time, Rajnikanth ventured not just into Twitter but also started his Instagram account as well. Shouldn’t we now say that these biggest stars underestimated the power of social media back then?

Definitely, both Pawan and Rajini slipped their tongues back then, thinking that forever they will remain in the film industry and only their silver screen appearance is enough for fans. Surely they should start encouraging everyone to use social media more now!!