Don’t Worry About Surveys: CBN to Leaders


Chandrababu-NaiduAP CM Chandrababu Naidu advised Ministers and Partymen not to worry about the Surveys which aren’t favorable to the TDP. At the same time, He asked them to be careful and lure as many YCP Members into the party.

The survey results of Republic TV predicting just 12 Lok Sabha Seats for TDP-BJP Combine has sent shivers down the spine of Ruling Party Leaders. Hence, Naidu took up the responsibility to boost their confidence. ‘People have complete faith on TDP. Trends are favourable in 120 to 130 Assembly constituencies. YSR Congress is the only Opposition. Difference between vote share in 2014 Polls is just 1.67 percent. TDP received 16 percent additional votes in Nandyal by-poll and Kakinada Municipal Polls. In the coming elections, These results should repeat,’ he said.

Babu spoke about the Assembly Constituencies where People are against the Sitting MLAs. He added, ‘I can’t do anything, If MLAs and In-Charges keep making mistakes. Look what happened to 130 years old Congress Party. Even our Party will face such a situation if Leaders behave as per their agenda. We are strong enough in 130 constituencies. The problem is with remaining 40-50 segments. Welcome Leaders and Cadre from other parties. There are ample posts to accommodate everyone.’