Jana Sena Digital Army ready


janasena-army-readyAMARAVATI: For any political party, Support of Media and Social Media Management is very crucial. Pawan Kalyan already have the backing of pro-TDP media and even his charisma comes in handy. So, The focus is now on the Digital Media.

These days, Social Media isn’t only used to promote party activities but also to damage the reputation of opponents. When YS Vijayamma was contesting in Visakha, It’s been speculated that Kadapa Rowdies had landed in the Port City. Parties use this platform as per their convenience.

Pawan Kalyan knew the importance of Social Media in Today’s political system. So, He identified few youngsters for Jana Sena Digital-wing named as Shatagni which is being captioned ‘The Digital Regiment of Jana Sena Party’.

How does Shatagni functions? Will it set an example for constructive politics? or Does it indulges in mud-slinging just alike other parties? Wait & See!