Man Behind Pawan’s Jana Sena Party – Raju Ravitej


Pawan-RajuravitejaRaju Ravitej is a gifted young achiever. Bold, talented and hard-working, he has influenced many people in many fields and countries. He accumulated vast experience at a young age by overcoming great odds and by not succeeding several times.

Raju Ravitej, works in the field of cross-cultural awareness & competence. He trains, speaks, coaches and advises internationally. He writes books for children & young people and biographies. He writes philosophy.

His education lies in his method of learning which is and has always been “Thought, Observation and Experience”. Several thousands attended Raju Ravitej’s programs in the past 15 years. In 1994, he started Eurisko Consulting and in 2002 he started a non-profit trust called Inspire India.

Coming from an impoverished background and equipped with no qualifications other than zeal, self-discipline and clarity of thought, he went about regularly and promptly failing at whatever he attempted. His mountain of mistakes and failures include a series of failed attempts to be a successful ‘employee’. Out of the 6 jobs he held he was fired from 5 – for lack of communication skills and for lacking a ‘subordinate attitude’.

In 1994 Ravitej started off his own enterprise for entrepreneurs – Eurisko, which he closed down within 30 days for the landlord suddenly expressed a lack of confidence in his ability to pay the next month’s rent. In 1995 Ravitej was at it again, starting and closing it all over again.In 1997 April, Ravitej started the third time with the help of generous friends who became believers in the cause of Eurisko. Eurisko sustained and became a success. If not for their kindly help and belief there would be no Eurisko and no success for Ravitej.


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