TDP Walks Itself Into Jagan’s Trap!


The Telugu Desam Party has announced that it will not support any No Confidence Motion put on the NDA government since the party is still a part of the NDA coalition even though it has pulled out it Ministers from the Union Cabinet.

This may spell more trouble for TDP in the state as YSR Congress is going aggressive on the issue. Jagan will have the moral high ground of keeping the No Confidence Motion on the Central Government and will claim TDP has not helped it. YSR Congress earlier announced the No Confidence Motion on 21st of this month and now advanced it to this Monday after criticism from Pawan Kalyan.

The Janasena President may also take on TDP for not supporting the No Confidence Motion. So this decision of TDP may not augur well for it. Instead the party may have gone ahead and put the No Confidence Motion itself. It has to be seen what TDP will do in the house on Monday.

The Special Status issue is the only time in this four years Jagan had a bit of upper hand on the ruling party and he is keen on retaining the momentum at any cost since the 2019 Elections are nearing. TDP appeared to be on the top when its MPs stalled the Parliament initially but missed the trick after it has come under fire after the No Confidence Motion has come into the scene.