A Thought Provoking Tweet From Struggling Hero


Actor Siddharth has been on headlines for all the wrong reasons, he did it again, but this time for a good cause. We all know that Bollywood has been ruling India, superior to other film industries across the country. While Baahubali topped them big time, that happens only once in a decade.

Recently, Bollywood started to spell its charm in China, where films like Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and Secret Superstar created a sensation. For a long time, the Bollywood has been doing well in foreign lands like the USA, Canada, UK, Gulf, Australia and now they entered China. After all these films, now Hindi Medium also took the China box office by a heavy storm. Now, the actor has made a sincere request to Tollywood, that will definitely make us appreciate him for his unfiltered words.

“Yes this is great news, but it’s crucial #SouthIndianCinema starts to address international audiences now! Else #IndianCinema will be hijacked by #Bollywood yet again. There’s no reason for the #Chinese to put #Mumbai cinema above the rest of #India�€�Yet!” he tweeted, in the wake of Hindi Medium’s success in China. Indeed this is a thought-provoking one we have to say.

If we observe, Baahubali 2 did well in Japan, whereas films like Rangasthalam, and few other doing their best in US and Australia. And now if Telugu makers also opt for a Chinese release of these big-ticket films, surely South Industry will give heft competition to Hindi films in China. Majorly, films with emotional content are clicking a chord in China. So, buckle up the shoe folks.