Allu Arjun likes ‘Best Fathers, Best Actors’ picture


Since Filmfare has honoured stylish star Allu Arjun with ‘Best Actor’ award and Shruti Haasan with “Best Actress” award for “Race Gurram” movie, a picture of them is doing rounds. Especially this picture has one speciality because of the presence of their mentor fathers.Best-Fathers-Best-Actors
In one particular photo shared by Filmfare, a frame consists of both Shruti and Bunny sitting beside their talented fathers, the legendary Kamal Haasan and giant producer Allu Arvind. Commenting about this picture, Allu Arjun stated that it is classic shot and he likes it immensely.

While Kamal and Arvind looking cool and composed, having their gaze fixed on stage, Bunny looks rather puzzled and Shruti is staring somewhere else. What a picture!!!