Beauty of neighbouring girls in wet clothes..


Ram-Gopal-VarmaRam Gopal Varma is not a person who is scared of criticism.. even though people threaten to book cases against him, he is least bothered about them.  That’s his talent. Similarly he makes full use of Twitter to squeeze benefits out of it.  He keeps on posting tweets.. and gets free publicity.  Continuing the tradition, Varma created hungama again in the twitter regarding Holi yesterday night.

“What is the use of Holi..except taking Bhang? Nobody known why those demons are killed.. who killed the. This festival is to have some drink and doing hungama. Holi festival is to show the neighbouring girls in the wet clothes. I’m enjoying by watching their beauty”.  These are the tweets of Varma.  He might be under the influence of vodka and posted these tweets.. he has deleted all those tweets later. He has kept only two logical tweets.

“I doubt even 1 in 120 crore Indians knows reason why Holi is celebrated but they all do becos Bhang needs no reason ..Mera Bharat Mahaan!”

“Foolishness of festivals is celebrating victory over problems we not even aware of and ignoring both our present problems and solutions”(sic)

Whatever be the case.. RGV will not leave anything to express his opinions & grab attention of the netizens.   Holi is no exception.