Bhaagamathie’s ‘True Budget’ Recovered!!


Bhaagamathie-MovieAt a time when movie lovers are completely disappointed by Sankranthi releases, Anushka’s latest movie “Bhaagamathie” has come out a savior for them by giving some entertainment. While the movie some regular shades of a commercial flick, still it is engaging and provided two-hours of good cinematic experience.

As per reports doing rounds in Film Circles, it is being popularised that Bhaagamathie is carved out with a budget of 25 crores. They went on saying that the makers have spent on the film like they do for a hero’s movie. But those production experts who have seen the movie are predicting that the movie would have got made in under 12 crores budget including all the remunerations and visual effects work. If we calculate 3 more crores as the promotional budget of the movie, then total ‘true budget’ of the film will stand at 15 crores.

Already this Anushka starrer directed by Ashok has collected 16+ crores share from the box office. And that makes already the true budget of the film recovered and every single penny thereafter will be a profit in the pockets of producer UV Creations.

Recent released Sankranthi movies like Agnyaathavasi, Gang and Rangula Ratnam created a dent in producer’s pocket, while Jai Simha is likely ending up as a no-loss no-gain project. So Bhaagamathie will be the first film to reap profits for producers in 2018, isn’t it?