Bolly Actor Didn’t Like Prabhas’ Acting in Baahubali?


Nawazuddin-and-BaahubaliThe phenomenal success of Baahubali catapulted Prabhas to superstardom. Besides Rajamouli’s vision, the committed performance of Prabhas was credited for the film’s success. Although Prabhas has earned huge number of fans and admiration of several film fraternity big wigs, acclaimed actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui wasn’t convinced with his performance in and as Baahubali.

Talking about the character of Baahubali, Nawaz said, “I like the role of Baahubali, especially the superhero kind of treatment the role has received. I doubt that’s ever going to happen to Bollywood actors. No matter how much effort you put to play a particular role, if the film doesn’t perform well, your acting goes unrecognized. On the other hand, if a big film becomes a hit, then people automatically start liking the actor.”

Siddiqui allegedly meant that Prabhas’ acting got recognition just because the film became a big hit.

He however praised the film saying, “I actually wasn’t interested to watch Baahubali but my kids forced me. When I watched it, I realized why people were talking so high about the film. It takes you into a world of its own and you start having fun.”