Cheating Allegation on Rajamouli’s Son


Rajamouli-sonDirector Rajamouli’s son S.S. Karthikeya is now facing allegations of cheating by a drone operator who had supplied drones and operated them for Naga Chaitanya‘s upcoming action thriller movie ‘Yuddham Saranam’.

The person alleges that Karthikeya paid only for a few days of his work and the remaining amount is still due and even the technician kept the drones and not returning them to him. ‘Yuddham Saranam’ is being produced by Vaarahi Chalana Chitra’. He further alleges that the movie’s team didn’t give him sufficient time to build and test the drones.

According to the report in DC, Karthikeya agreed to the non-payment of dues but says the technician didn’t give even 10% of the work as he promised. So, the technician got more than what he did for the movie. Prior to this commitment, Karthikeya tweeted sometime back that he needed a hexacopter and an operator for that and also a good technician for drones.