Comedian’s Fractured Hand Vs Kanche Result


Srinivas-AvasaralaInjuries are quite common for star heroes and heroines, whenever they are filming for action sequences and songs. But the success of that particular work will erase all that pain as that transforms into happiness.

Comedian and director, Srinivas Avasarala has similar experiences while shooting in the european country of Georgia for “Kanche”. He played the role of Dasu, a colleague of Dhoopati Haribabu (Varun Tej) in war camp, thereby delivering many funny one-liners and splitting audiences into laughs. Also he took part in the shooting of war scenes, highly intense and risky, and got his hand fractured. But he feels that all the pain has gone with the rave reviews received.

“Receiving good reports for Kanche. Here is what happened shooting for it in Georgia. Broken at six places, two metal plates and five screws. Glad all this was worth it”, says Avasarala Srinivas. Hope the film turns into big commercial success giving more happiness to the team.