What Good Happened For Small Producers?


Movie producers have banned the theatres in the Telugu States for one week demanding that the digital service providers should reduce the charges. All the producers came together on this issue and not even a single show was aired in this one week. Finally, as the providers have reduced the rates, the theatres got re-opened grandly. However, it seems like the big producers have gained something but pretty much nothing has changed for the small directors.

As March is the exam season none of the high budget movies gets released at that time. Usually, at this time the small movies come out but “Because of the ban, all the small movies that are slated to get released this month got postponed. By the end of this month, Rangastalam will get released on March 30th. Soon after that, ‘Bharath Ane Nenu and ‘Naa Peru Surya’ will hit the theatres. If the theatres got shut down at this time the big producers will be a loss. So, they just intentionally did this. But the small producers have to stop their releases and go bankrupt by becoming unable to pay the interests” fired Natti Kumar.

He added that some people are claiming that day it will be good for them as the digital service providers have reduced their charges but small producers can’t even bear that charges. He stated that the big producers should postpone their films and do the theatres ban till the digital service providers accept not to charge any prices.