He’s Back For YSR After 25 Years Because..


Sometimes actors take huge time to appear in a particular language other than from their native one. Likewise, we’ve seen Mohan Lal appearing in Telugu films after decades of the gap through Janata Garage. Same is the case with heroine Lissy who appeared in Chal Mohan Ranga. And here is one more star joining the bridge of those Malayalam actors.

That was in 1992. We have seen Malayalam star Mammootty appearing in a straight Telugu film. He was seen in K Viswanath’s Swathi Kiranam, a musical drama coming from the top-notch director. And now after 25 years, he’s coming back to Telugu screen through YSR biopic “Yaatra”.

It is heard that Mammootty got instantly flattered by director Mahi V Raghav because the director stated that he has chosen him after getting spelling bound by his performance in Dalapathi that came years ago. Later with the director giving almost 8 hours narration of YSR’s story, the Malayalam superstar readily agreed to do the role.

Other day we’ve already seen the first look of Mammootty out in tinsel town and most of the cinema lovers are impressed with his look as YSR. Exactly on April 8th, YSR started his paada yaatra and that’s why the look was released other day.