This Is Just A Temporary Solution: Suresh Babu


Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce, Distributors and Exhibitors united to fight against the Digital Service Providers and announced theatre strike until the DSPs agree for their demands.

After, one week of strike from 2nd of March, they finally announced that the Telangana Film Chamber and Telugu Film Chamber with distributors and exhibitors, in unison agreed for a rate chart and stopped the strike from 9th March, allowing theatres to run normally.

Suresh Babu who pioneered the meetings said, “We all wanted solution to the persistent problems. We decided to go for an extreme step and brought in all Southern languages Industries together to end monarchy of UFO and Qube. We are successful for the moment, so, we decided to end the strike.”

He further said, “In the beginning we all did small mistakes and now, they have become huge. To rectify them, we have been asking for the companies to come for the meetings. They showed arrogance in listening to our words and demands. Hence, we took the big step.”

He concluded by saying, “We found a temporary solution for major problem. Now, we have many more small issues that can be tackled tactically. We will do it and find amicable solution to all parties. We might have been minority group till now, but we no longer are. They know what we can do now, hence, they will give us what we are asking.

“We need to find middle ground in these negotiations as they are saying they will have to shut their companies if they grant all our demands. UFO and Qube, are merging soon, that will help us renegotiate with them further,” said Suresh Babu.